My Artphil

My Artphil is a software system, through which each student can set up a clear objective for themselves, by keeping their online portfolio up to date while creating a list of majors and schools that they are interested in. Also, the Monthly Report enables our teachers and students to communicate more consistently, so that both parties can see the unfolding progress in building a unique portfolio.

Study Abroad Center

Our in-house agency provides comprehensive services to assist you in the international admission process. With over 15 years of experience, our staff expertly guide students towards the most suitable choice in schools, making sure they have all required materials, checking application contents and preparing both housing and visa-applications. The study abroad center also guides students towards essay and statement of purpose assistance and can arrange proofreading and feedback upon request.

Download “Application Planning Guide”

Project Broom

Our outstanding gallery space is located on the lower level of our Apgujeong campus and offers students, alumni, faculty and visiting artists the chance to exhibit their work in a professional context. The gallery also serves as an ideal space for preparing large-scale, sculptural and installation work and offers students the chance to reserve the space for production and documentation of more ambitious projects. Prepare an immersive installation or plan a group exhibition with your friends; anything is possible, through Artphil’s accessible facilities!

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Namu Studio

Adjacent to the Project Broom Gallery space, students will find Namu Studio, a professional photographic studio that students can book for documenting works. Even the most fragile works can be easily transported directly downstairs from your studio classroom! With reasonable pricing and flexible packages, the in-house photo studio is the easiest and safest way to make sure you are getting professional documentation to be sure your portfolio stands out.

Special Lectures

Artphil regularly hosts Informative Program introduction sessions, which are conducted by visiting International representatives from the top Art & Design schools in the United States, England, Scotland, Australia and Canada. Additionally, our Artphil Alumni Talks offer students a chance to hear about upper classmen’s experience studying abroad as well as their careers in various creative fields following their successful degree completion. Alumni talks and introductory program lectures are available on our vimeo channel and other SNS platforms.

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Since 1990, Artphil has been a pioneer of art education in Korea, sending thousands of students and scholarship recipients to renowned international colleges and universities. Our vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of study-abroad programs, accumulated over decades of fostering young creatives form the foundation of Artphil’s distinguished approach, which leads individual students to produce their best portfolios. Artphil is proud of its alumni, who are active participants in the international fields of art, architecture, design, animation, film, fashion, illustration, interior design, and many other creative capacities.

ArtPhil Mandate

To provide students with an encouraging and challenging environment in which to develop a strong foundation in creative practices; to guide students to express their individual vision through the production of a sophisticated project portfolio; to prepare students for active participation in the global community of architects, artists and designers.

Our Belief and Why

At Artphil, we believe that fostering the creative talents of the future is the best way to meaningfully contribute to the development of a better society. The artists, architects, graphic designers, fashion designers and other creative practitioners who have passed through our program have the best chance of shaping the world of the future by participating in global discourses and bringing their own skills and experiences to subsequent professional contexts at the national and international level. This is why we care about our students’ success and also why we have such an outstanding record of placing our students in top programs; We care for the future that we will all share together and we work hard to preserve a thoughtful role for culture in that future.